3-in-1 Emotion Nano Pearl Effect Full Seal Set


Available from 8 December 2021


Product number: WCROSS26
Product information "3-in-1 Emotion Nano Pearl Effect Full Seal Set"

Our 3-in-1 Emotion Nano Pearl Effect Full Seal Set cleans, seals and conditions all plastic, glass, ceramic and chrome surfaces in your bathroom, including cast mineral composite wash basins and Jacuzzis. Our set seals your surfaces, and protects against water stains and dirt. Use the cleaner concentrate to clean all sealed surfaces without affecting the Nano Pearl Effect seal.

Delivery includes:

  • 1L OneSystem Nano cleaner,
  • 1 empty bottle with spray nozzle,
  • 3x 100ml alcohol-based pre-cleaner,
  • 100ml Nano seal for plastic surfaces,
  • 100ml Nano seal for chrome and stainless steel,
  • 100ml Nano seal for glass and ceramics,
  • 3 x applicators,
  • 3 x polishing cloth,
  • 3 x microfibre cloth.

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